I am a self taught artist from the Chicagoland area.  I am fascinated by art and am in love with color.  Born in colorful Mexico, I believe each piece that I create is influenced by my experiences and surroundings, past and present, especially those with bright colors.

I use a variety of materials but often find my works leaning towards oils, inks, and pure pigment due to the deep rich colors that can be achieved. I enjoy manipulating textures to create even richer colors and discovering new results.  For the abstract art tiles, it's not unlikely that I find myself using household items to create patterns and unique designs. It's become an obsession creating the art tiles because of the unique boldness and vibrancy of the colors.  As light hits the paintings from different angles, a 3-D effect is created and the paintings appear to move and almost come alive.  

In my oils and tiles, I have infused Swarovski elements to add a touch of elegance. My art is a reflection of my emotion, experiences, and the things I love!  My hope and purpose is to transmit a little warmth and sunshine to others through my art.